Saturday, November 11, 2017

November Art

Inktober has come and gone.
I know I forgot to share the drawings of its last week, and now it's kind of too late to do so, in my eyes.

Anyway, after drawing something else each day, it was nice to now focus on a single drawing over a longer period of time.
Colored pencils are a slow medium, so it fitted quite well for it.

To calm down some more I came up with the idea of a zen stone stack. I made one only few weeks before!
The drawing itself isn't made with any references though. For this drawing I liked to just do it how I thought it would look nice.
Even the streaks on the sky are intentional, they show a little bit how the sky looks like for me each day, because it looks more like the sky I see with my eyes each day.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Inktober week 3

Inktober is soon finished again, and i have to admit I look forward to it. I'm drawing daily since August, but my mind wants to do more detailed drawings again, with watercolor or colored pencil...not just pens and inks!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Inktober week 1

While I didn't manage to keep up with the drawlloween challenge, I can't complain about the inktober one!

So far, I had an idea for every prompt, even if some are probably pretty common.

Here are my drawings from the first week.









Sunday, October 1, 2017

October challenges

I have started to draw daily in august, and am quite used to it. But I also felt that it is kind of stressful of having to complete an image on a certain day! 

By now I have found a way to take this stress out of the equation. I am drawing everyday still, but few days ahead of a plan from a challenge or prompt.
Maybe some might make think of this as cheating for the Inktober for example, I don't really see it that way!
After all, I keep practicing daily, and can do so while enjoying it. Does it matter if it is posted on the same day as it is made? Not really, I think.

Anyway, here is my first images for the start of October! Inktober and Drawloween

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Using references

Some hate them, some see them as essential.
But what is it about using references that divides opinions so much?

Those who are against references, emphasize that everything we draw should come from our own mind and skill. They see references as a way of copying, diminishing creativity and the will to improve and practice based on the own observations of real life.

And those who see them as essential...well, many of them want to draw or paint as realistic as possible! They think of references as important, as it helps understand shadows and cast shadows, form, value and colors. And, it is a form of practice too.

Both standpoints hold a truth to it. While using references help to get a drawing more accurate - for example when drawing a portrait of someone - doing this only might not help with creating your own landscapes or characters. But even there it can help! It is possible to combine elements of different photographs, to create your own backgrounds or ideas. If you don't know how to draw something, a reference can help you analyse the object and learn about it. In that way, it can improve you how to draw.

So basically, references are a tool and once again, it is just a matter on how or whether you want to use them.

And what if you want to use another artists artwork as a reference? Well, of course you can get inspired by it to make your own drawing or painting. But if you use certain elements completely, or even want to copy the whole painting or drawing and claiming it as your own, so purely copying references, without adapting anything is another matter once again! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Soon Inktober will come around!
For each day of october, an ink drawing can be made, or once a week, depending on the schedules.

The official prompt list also has been revealed, if you don't get your own ideas!

Art challenges are a way to get your creative juices going. It's a help to try out new art tools, sketchbooks, connect with others, and to have fun with practicing art daily.

Next to Inktober, there are also a lot of other monthly challenges with prompts... for example this list for September by Sketchbookskool.