Monday, April 30, 2012


Beltane is one of the biggest feasts of the year, usually celebrated on the night towards the 1st May. It marks the start of summer time/ the warmest time of the year.  Also, it used to be the actual start of the year! Like this, it is no surprised that it is used to make wishes, isn't it?

Well, but actually the moon calendar has been used, so this year it would be 5th to 6th May, the time of the Supermoon!

The name "Beltane"/ "Beltaine" comes from "Bel", a celtic god of light. And the light finally one over the darkness at this time of the year, indeed.

Well, Beltane is commonly celebrated on the outside, on places like mountain-tops or fields with strong winds. On this night, usually the weather is "perfect". Big bonfires are lit. What is being celebrated is the comming together of the male and female energies and god and godess. Therefore, it is a possibility for couples to "pledge" to each other for the next year, to go through it together. They can do this by jumping through the fire together, for example.

And...on this night, the gates between the dimensions and planes are supposed to be very thin, so.....who knows what you might see, or just have to look out for it with open eyes and ears....

But you can also make other wishes or simply enjoy the night, and the wakening of nature and look forward to the warmest time of the year to come :)

Well, in germany the 1st May is a holiday, and I would not be surprised if it is because of that "roots"...

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