Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The common daisy - bellis perennis

Bellis Perennis
Also sometimes reffered to as "eye of the day", the common daisy, or bellis perennis, is one of the most common flowers on the northern hemisphere, if not even worldwide.

It usually blooms from March to November, basically whenever there is no snow. The petals are white, somethimes with purple edges, some of the wild forms are more purple than white. The stems are about 2-10 cm tall, and the flower itself closes at night. The yellow part of the flower in the middle are in fact leaves as well. They are outside plants, grow almost anywhere and don't need much water.

The flower can be eaten raw, and be used for teas and tinctures, as well as cremes.
When used for the inner parts of the body, like as a tea, they can reduce cramps, help the stomach, and helping with coughing. They also can strengthen the metabolism.
If put to outer use, it can reduce rashes and helps with wound healing.

The raw flower you can put into salad or onto the bread, for example. For a tea you should collect a proper amount, and use the fresh flowers for it. Pour hot water onto them, and wait...If it doesn't taste well, add honey. The tea is diuretic.

The common daisies contain tanning agents, flavonoids, etherical oils and inulin, among other things.

So,while many think of it as useless and as being a "weed", it is actually a very useful and beautiful plant!

Here are a few visual impressions ;)

They like to grow next to each other and giving themselves company.

On the closed bud you can see the wild version.

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