Friday, April 13, 2012

The common dandelium - Taraxacum officinale

 Todays "weed" of the day is the common dandelium. 
Why this flower? Because I noticed that it already started growing everywhere!

To see what I mean, and as a nice little introduction, here is the intro of an old german television series for children. The music of it is composed by Matthias Raue & Martin Cyrus, the TV-show is called "Löwenzahn" (common dandelium).

Like you can see there, that flower likes to grow everywhere, be it streets, meadows, forests, stones,...
It grows world wide, but is most common in the temperate zones.. Its main time is between April and May, but it usually grows until fall in smaller quantity.

The stems, which are hollow inside, and also the leaves both can reach between 10 - 30cm. The roots themselves can grow up to a whole meter! The whole flower has a white "liquid" inside, that can color cloths and skin yellow upon contact with it. If exposed to it too often, it can cause rashes on the skin.

The Pseudanthium flower closes up at night, rain or severe dryness. At the end of the blooming season, it closes up one more time, to release the seeds and turning into an dandelion clock. There are some childrens games concerning that flower, but maybe you should go out and discover those by yourself?

You can eat the young leaves e.g. as a salad, and use the roots, leaves and flowers for tea. The roots can also be used to make fake coffee. 

As far as health effects go, it can help with gall and liver problems, as well as with colics. It can have a strong dejectory effect.
When used on the outside, it is also supposed to help with tetter and other diseases of the skin.

A typical common dandelion

Here is another nice video about that plant. Again, it's from EatTheWeeds.

And for even more information, you can visit those links:


  1. fake coffee??!!!!!

    I have to try that one....

  2. Well, I doubt it would taste like coffee. But sure you can try it out, if you know how it is being done, let me know ;)