Monday, April 23, 2012

Orinus little happy moments - Part 7

Good morning!!

I hope I managed to wake everyone up!
Right now it is 6:49 am in the morning, and I went out at 6:00 for a morning run, and just arriving "in time" for what might be the last sunrise to see like this until fall....After all, the sun just keeps moving and gets up earlier and earlier...

But I could sleep longer although I could and it would be nice.... I guess this is a prove that the last year made me "fight", indeed! I'm not lazy, wohooo!

Good morning...

And....this is the black cat I also met last week....sorry that it's so small.....but at least she shows her mysterious eyes!

So a good new week for everyone, I hope there will be only good and fun and happy days, and no mayor mood drops - at all!

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