Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orinus little happy moments - Part 5

Part 5 already? I must be a happy person, hm hm....
(As long as I don't remind myself that I still didn't found "the one" yet, I will be fine...)

Well, actually I wanted to sleep long today, but seems like by now I wake up this early automatically....so I saw a blue sky and *jumped out of bed*...So here it is, another marvelous sunrise...

 Also when I turned around then with the sun on my back...*shock* The deers made a morning run too!!

The deers (sadly small), made without flashlight

The deers (better seen here but still small), with flashlight
 And in the end, also saw the same black cat again. But *beep beep beep* "Change batteries"...

So off to go to have another nice and good day!

1 comment:

  1. At this time of day and light it sure does make a difference between using a flashlight and not (at least with you camera and the sun from behind)