Sunday, April 15, 2012

The spider plant - Chlorophytum comosum

Chlorophytum comosum
It is not a really special plant, but for me it is special, personally. 

This plant originated in south africa, but by now is a common indoor plant all over europe. 

Supposedly it helps with cleaning the air, so it can't hurt to have them in your home!

The size of the leaves can wary a lot, but usually about 5 - 30cm. On most types, the slim leaves are green on the outside, with a white stripe on the inside. But there are also complete green versions (usually the wild ones). Also there are versions with the white on the outside and the green as a stripe on the inside. The depth of the green depends on light, amount of water it receives and nutrition of the soil. The roots can be very thick and almost as big as the plant itself. 

One of the typical plantlets
Another plantlet
This type of plant can reproduct itself in two ways: seeds and plantlets. The flowers are very small with white petals.

If you want to take care of such kind of plants, go ahead, they are very easy to take care of, they are not very demanding at all. Water, a bit of sun and soil is all they need. In fact, the plantlets can grow with water only. They can grow outside, too. But they don't like the cold temperatures, so you should protect them during winter time.  

So why is this plant so special for me? Because it was the first one I ever took care of. The first spider plant I "received" 10 years ago, at school. The whole year we had this plant at the window of the classroom, and it never received any water and almost burnt with the imense heat and light there came through the windows...

And when it was time for the summer holidays, no one wanted to take this plant home...but I just couldn't let it die, so, I took it with me...Back then it was only 1 and a half leaf left, and those were only about 2-3cm big....

Now, 10 years after, look what has become of that plant!: 

It started with this one...
Actually, this plant is 2 plants by now, because with the time, it split itself up into 2. And these are still is growing and growing....and having more than 50 "children", "grandchildren" and "greatgrandchildren" by now....


I have many of them at home by now...

I got so many of those, that for a while I used to give some away to friends and family....however.....although it's a plant that so damn easy to take care of...there was only me and one other person with whom those plants did not die...I think those plants have a mind of their own too, and mine somehow need more love and talking than water only to survive.......Maybe they didn't like or want to be with anyone else????

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