Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lemon Pie

Didn't mix the creme well enough, I think...
Well, I am not sure if it really is a pie, but here you go...

Dough: 190g flour
1 egg
100g butter
20g sugar
40g powdered sugar
a bit of salt

Creme: 1 lemon (skin)
240g sugar
4 eggs
160ml lemon juice
300g butter

Dough: Mix the butter, sugar, powdered sugar and the salt until it gets foamy. 

Now add the egg and flour and mix it.  Let it stay for a while and then put it into the baking form. Pay attention that the "edges" are high enough to be able to contain the creme. 

Put it into the oven for about 25 minutes with 180°C. 

Best would be to put something heavy onto the ground of the dough, or else it might make "bubbles".

Creme: Mix the eggs with the sugar. Add the lemon juice and the skin of the lemon (cut or rubbed into small pieces). You don't necessarly need to use the skin of the lemon. 

Whip it to a solid cream. For this, you need a bowl that you can put into a "waterbath" (a pot with cooking water, and onto that, the bowl with the cream). It takes about 45 minutes, and you should keep stirring it. 

Afterwards, put it away from the water and mix the butter in it while it still is hot.

Put the creme on the finished flan case and let it cool down. When cooled down, the creme also should be solid enough that you can cut it.

Decorate it by choice, you also can add a layer of beaten egg whites, for example.


  1. I'm gona make it for Alvaro Cardoso (a.k.a Barito)