Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Milk-rice/ Rice pudding...

The Milk rice is on the upper left...

Well, I have no idea how common it is in other parts of the world to cook rice with milk, so here is a simple recipe for a simple version of it. Depending on the appetite and size of the cups, it will be between 2 -3 servings.

So, what do you need?

1 Cup of rice, best is round grain rice  or short grain rice, Arborio,....Here in Germany that's more simple it seems, here it is simply called "Milchreis", just like the dish :P

3 Cups of milk 

A bit of butter

A bit of vanilla sugar

First you have to heat up the butter and roast the rice in it, until it looks "glossy". Then, add the 1st of the 3 cups of milk, and, while stiring, wait until most is gone. Then, add the next two and let it cook on a medium or lower temperature. You will have to constantly stir it until its done, or else it will burn and neither smell nor taste nicely! 
The rice is done when it's not hard anymore and the whole pudding has a nice creamy consistency. Shortly before it is finished, add the vanilla sugar to enhance the taste.

Here in Germany, it is usually served with either sugar and cinammon, with sour cherries or with apple sauce.

As for the photo...Well, it is a rough version of another Bento (boxed lunch)...Aside from the milk rice, it is simply a small bowl of melon and cherries, as well as a small peach, and 2 tiny sandwiches with cucumber in them. 

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