Friday, May 4, 2012

Orinus little dreamy stories - Part 2

One time, when I was 3 years old, I had to stay with my old grandfather while my parents made one of their countless travels. It was rather boring, really, because he always shut himself away in his room, I never really get much sights of him.

Like this, I just spent most of my time outside, playing with the dogs and trying to hunt the chickens and lambs. But one day it was raining, and I could not even do that anymore...So I finally decided to sneak up on my grandfather, to find out what he was doing! 

As silent as a cat I tiptoed to his room and tried to look through the keyhole. Well, it was no use, I had to open the door, even if just a little bit.

And there I saw him, sitting on a tiny wooden three leged chair, in front of a easel, the brush still in in his right hand. So all the time he was painting something! On the canvas I saw the most beautiful landscape, I never could not  imagine such a scenery, not even in my dreams! 

I must have let out a small gasp, because suddenly he turned around, and stared at me unbelieving. Timidly I went a little step forward, and at once he started to cry.....But why? He never told me the reason, and by now, it is too late to ask...

But that image and his painting will always stay in my heart.


  1. Thanks for this fascinating glimpse into your world as a child.

    1. Well, I don't think that happened for real, it was a dream, actually.....but since I had it I never forgot, so...maybe, who knows, from another life?! :)