Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orinus little dreamy stories - Part 3

I was working at an instutition for children and there was supposed to be a theater play. Although I wanted, I was not allowed to participate and had to watch from the 1st row. They put two guardians next to each of my side, to protect me, saying that someone must have been after me! These guardians were like fire and earth, air and water. 

But for a long time nothing happend at all, so they became careless. And during the break time I was bored, so I went to talk with a girl at the entrance of the hall. We were friends, and always had a good laugh together.

Well, but it looks like she was up to something, and asked me to come with her. The guardians still tried to stop me, but it was too late for that already.

Together, we went into an hot-air balloon and soared up into the sky. I reached out to my beloved one in the crowd of the city, and he reached out his hand into the sky too, but he did not even see me.

The city disappeared and the landscaoe was full of green meadows, lakes and trees. The people living there, outside the city, all had skulls instead of heads, or were wearing them on top of their heads, I couldn't really make it out from above. So why did we leave, anyway? It seems they wanted to search for the elder tree, meaning the world tree, and were asking me to do something with it, giving it new strength...

But if it was possible to do so, who knows. I had the feeling someone was calling me away. And when I opened my eyes, my cat was sitting patiently at my side, looking intently into my eyes.....Great guardian cat she is :)

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