Thursday, May 24, 2012

Orinus little dreamy stories - Part 6

There he stood, facing me, just the river that separated us. Even in that distance, I could see and feel his eyes watching me, guarded, but with a grace that most beings lacked.It was the biggest honour to have found him, a very rare sight. should I ever prove that we met? No one would believe if I just told about it, but...I just couldn't bring myself to harm such a beautiful creature. 

Slowly, I tried to make my way across the river, jumping from stone to stone. An awful task when you try to be silent. He startled, but luckily didn't flee. Slowly and even more slowly I tried to balance every step through the field of grain. Still, he stood where he was, carefully watching me. As the wind rushed through the field, the light reflected on his beautiful crown of antlers. He stomped with his feet, clearly he wasn't sure on whether to flee or to stay. 

He let me get so close that we could see each other into the eyes. As big and gentle as they were, I saw myself being reflected in them, seing my own astonished face. Did he see himself like this in my eyes right now, as well? I would never know the answer....A few of the common blue birds passed by, and he didn't give them any attention at all. It seemed he was only aware of me, like I was about him. 

In my curioutsity, I tried another small step, but this was one too many. His sudden flight surprised me and made me flinch, suddenly that moment has been all gone. It was like waking up from a dream, I didn't even know how long it lasted, whether few seconds or a whole eternity. For long I still stood there, hoping he would return, but of course, he didn't. Only one of the elder trees stood on the close horizon, patient and calm as always...

The discovery


  1. Your painting is really very enchanting, and so very good dear Miriam.
    The writing is quite good, although there are a couple of spelling mistakes.

    1. Ehehe, yes, I'm not the best when it comes to spelling. Thank you so much for your comment :)