Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teufelstisch (Devils Table)

Well, there are several stones called like this here in Germany, some more known, some less known, and I don't know if there are such named ones in other countries as well. 

But this one is a bit special to me, because even as a child I had to visit this place already, through school/ hiking days....This one is in the Franconian switzerland. Back then it appeared bigger to me, though!

If this is a table, where are the chairs?

From what I have been told back then, a monk saw smoke and fire there on the mountain, so he went to check. When he arrived, he saw the devil there, playing games and celebrating (oh shock!!).  

Well, the devil noticed him, and he had to gamble at a card game to not lose his life and soul. Through some trick he won and was able to leave again, unharmed. Which trick, I forgot, sorry.

Surely every child here once tried to climb on top...

Too bad there aren't many of such places around here, though. But a beautiful landscape, no doubt!


  1. Very good photos ^^

    And I didn't know that story (anymore - I think, I had it told to me once, but such a long time ago)!!

    1. Thank you, although the photos were luck, with all the rain there was....^^