Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walberla/ Ehrenbürg

This is a mountain, somewhere around here, I'm not sure exactly how far away from my home. But when visiting relatives, we always are passing by.

When I was a child I was there several times, the last time when I was 14, sadly. Ever since that I have the longing to go there again....

Well, what is so special about it? It has been used by the celts as a settlement, and even before the celts! I'm not surprised if there were people living there since...always. The earliest records that had been found were from the early stone age. 

By now, however, it is a destination for hikers, and only a small chapel is lokated on the mountain top. Luckily climbing has been forbidden there by now, to protect the rare plants there.

Once per year, on the weekend after the 1. May, there is a festival there, to celebrate. (What at earlier times used to be Beltane, like I explained in another post of mine) It is suppised to be the oldest festival like this in whole Germany!

The real name of the mountain is "Ehrenbürg", but for the people around here it is commonly called "Walberla". And this has a reason: The name comes from the holy "Walburga", who was a christian missionary around 790 A.D. But officially "Walberla" first has been named like this by students of the University of Erlangen, at around 1770. The name "Ehrenbürg", however, means something like "sacred place" or "protected castle."

Well, because I've not been there since long, I only have a single photo, made with a mobile phone, out of a driving car....

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