Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The joy of making leftovers look great....Pancakes and potato salad recipe...

yum yum!
This is my lunch for today, yum yum! Aside from the eggs, fruits and vegetables, it is pancakes with applesauce, potato salad and a few slices prefactured tofu patty (that can't be seen here).

Looks like soo much work, doesn't it? But it's all really simple, actually, and doesn't really require much time at all....

As for the pancakes:

Well, I don't really have a fixed pancake recipe anymore, because I simply mix the ingredients with "feeling", but here are the basics, nevertheless:

You don't really need more than flour, eggs and milk. 

For each person, use one egg.

For each egg, use about 3 tablespoons of flour.

Mix the flour with the egg.

Add milk until the dough has an almost liquid texture and no chunks anymore. 

Use a non-sticky pan. 

The pan should be hot before you make the first pancake. To use oil basically is better because butter shouldn't be heated up that much.  And I don't think it matters so much for the taste.

Turn the pancake around when the surface is close to solified.

With the time, turn down the temperature or reduce the time for each pancake. (Or else they will "burn")

Potato salad (typical german dish, and one of the very few I like, LOL):

Actually I know two versions, one with oil and vinegar, the other one with mayonnaise. But for both you need about 300-500g of potatos per person.

You need to boil the potatoes with their skin attached, and skin them while they are still hot. You also have to cut them into pieces.

For the version with the mayonnaise: 

Add sliced pickles and an onion, as well as pepper and salt. Add a spoon of mustartd and the mayonnaise, until it has a "nice texture". Well, I just hope you know how it is supposed to look like.

For the version with the oil and vinegar: 

Dissolve a buillon cube into a little bit of water, and add it to the potatos as long as they "suck it up". 

Then, add a bit of vinegar, about the same amount.

Then, add oil until the surface looks "glossy".

 Don't forget to mix it up whenever you add something, and don't forget to add spices and maybe pickles and onions as well!

Well, when all is mixed, you should put them in the fridge or let them cool down otherwise, they taste better when cold.

Happy cooking time!

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