Thursday, July 26, 2012

A beautiful garden....

This beautiful beautiful garden belongs to a shopping center in Nuremberg, Germany. Of course all gardens of shopping centers, if they actually have one, are beautiful since they are designed to attract customers, but this is not the point here at all.

This garden is called "REZ Naturgarten"  has won the "Nürnberger Blumenschmuck Wettbewerb" (ah..... "Flower ornaments competition of nuremberg" or something like this) 9 years in a row, and a 10th year surely will still come as well. 

So who is taken care of that garden? It is the nice Mr. Jürgen Martini. I always passed by this garden when going to work, but sadly I never managed to met him. But from what I am told, he is a very nice person, proud of his garden, and always happy if people complement him or making photos!

Luckily the garden is accesable for the public, are a few nice impressions.


This is the first time I ever saw bushes in shapes of least I think those are apples....

The prove that he won it 9 times! REZ = "Röthenbacher Einkaus Zentrum"

An awesome hotel for insects!

A place for sparrows and barn-swallows

Well, the sunflower was not part of the garden, but.....

A better view

The birds enjoy the garden, too!

And this is an amazingly colorful meadow....
Well, I hoped you all enjoy that small walk through the garden. Inside of cities such kind of places are rare and precious, so it is good to see that at least this place is well taken care of.

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