Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Final Fantasy 6

Since the Theatrythm Fantasy game for the 3DS also featured music from the Final Fantasy 6, it made me remember this game, and since, basically, it is the game I have most liked in my life until now, I'm very very tempted to play it all through again....

Well, so what it is about?

The game starts with a girl named Terra, who is attacking Narshe, a mountain village, because of a "slave crown" she is wearing. Why does she has such kind of thing on her head? Because she is one of the very few persons who still can use magic (the why is being explained later in the game). Locke is helping her to escape, more conflicts arise, more friends are being met, all the while Kefka (the villain) is using the Espers to try to take full control of the world as the new God. But your party full of up to 14 charackters (you can use up to 4 of them in battles) tries to stop him, of course!

To not mention more and not spoil the story too much, now it's up to my favorite charakter of the game: Terra!

Terra in the Theatrythm Fantasy

This is her theme in the game: 

Wikipedia has a rather long article on the game and also that charakter, so here are the links (but pay attention, spoiler alerts for those who didn't play the game!): 

Final Fantasy VI 

Terra Branford 

Well, I just really like that game because.....back when I played it (with age 12 or so), it somehow made me learn so much about this world and people! And the music is still great even now.

Sadly, there are fewer and fewer games like this.....but this classic remains a must-play!

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