Monday, July 2, 2012

The memory of animals....

Why that title of that post? Because of such kind of news these days:

Mother goats do not forget their kids

Ravens remember relationships they had with others

I know that there are jokes like goldfish only having a memory of 5 seconds, and similar ones, but surely once again we give the animals less credits than they deserve...

From what I know, there are animals whos memories last a lifetime! Maybe they don't think in terms about friendship or love like we do, but still they bond and interact with others, and not only withtheir own species, so of course they also need to have memory about such kind of things, hmm....the how, we might never know, but...does anyone really know how another person is thinking or how their memory works?? Brain science cannot show it completely, either.

Well, therefore....

"Do something good to a cat and she will forget it in the next moment, do something bad to her and she will remember it for more than a lifetime." (A german saying about cats)

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