Saturday, August 4, 2012


This is one of my favorite bands. So how did I get to know about this japanese band, although Japan is sooooo far away (for now)?

Well, one of their songs, which happens to still be one of my favorites, aired here on Tv-channel for music! Sometimes they aired it with subtitles, sometimes without, but the music is so catchy, I really grew to like that, I made some research on the Web, and voila, I got to know more about this band!

So, the first song I heard of them was this one: Saishu Ressha:

 So who is "Mucc"? The band has been formed 1997 and consists of 4 members: Tatsurou (Singer), Satochi (Drums), Yukke (Bass) and Miya (Guitar and bandleader).

But I like this band not only for their music, but also for the weird things they sometimes to, like....this:

Well, be sure to give this awesome band a try and check them out!

This here is one of their newest songs:

Who knows, maybe one day I will actually be at a concert!?

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