Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh my cute little cat...

Oh my cute little cat 

Oh my cute little cat who's always there,
and never goes to any fair. 

Sometimes scratches but always cares,
"just give me more food!" she declares.

Sometimes clumsy and so cute,
but still runs away from me playing the flute.

Sometimes sly and a well spy,
as if she could just fly in the sky.

Sometimes she still gets caught up in a bush,
but only when she's in a rush.

Sometimes she says to cat-toys "No!",
because they are just for little kids, yo!

Sometimes she's so soft and cozy,
smelling like earth and forests drowsy.

Sometimes she helps me when I cry,
but is so smart to never pry.

Sometimes she says "so what, I just don't care!"
and gives me a blank long stare.

Sometimes she sleeps in the bed with me,
until she makes me fall out in glee.

Sometimes she pays attention when I draw,
and helps me with it with her paw.

Sometimes when I have to study,
she treats me like a nice good buddy.

But sometimes when I have to study,
she gets very very buggy.

Sometimes when I have to type,
she joins in with pride!

Sometimes when I want to cook,
she gives every step a look.

Sometimes when I go for a walk,
she takes it for a invite to stalk.

Sometimes when I go out to work,
she never makes my housework. 

Sometimes when I feed her she's so loud,
but bad manners are not allowed.

Sometimes she looks a bit like chubby,
but only when she's in a toughie.

Sometimes from calm to playful she mutates,
but only when I meditate.

Sometimes she just makes my day,
and this without the need of a sundae!

Oh my cute little cat who is so fuzzy,
give me more of your great classy!