Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo or no Photo?

Professional photographers surely answer this with "Taking the photo of course", after all you gotta do what you gotta do. 

But this is about those that chose to make photos as a hobby. Of course there are also reasons why something like this is chosen as a hobby. But lets first take a look at what kind of photos there are for the hobby photographs. And this is just a small summary, of course there can be other types of photos, those types are just the ones that came to my mind!

Photos for the memory:

A memory
Those are taken on family events, for example. Or from events that you don't want to forget and want to keep a memory from. It's not about whether the photo looks good or not, it is about one day in the next years, or 10 or 20 years, discovering them again and thinking: "Ah yes, I remember, that was a great moment!"

Quick snapshots:

Someone's having fun in Paris
Those usually happen when something unusual happens, something that you normally don't see in your day to day life. You just happen to have your camera with you and see something and are like "wow, I have to catch this!"

Photos to share and express yourself:

A sunrise
With these, you plan ahead and take your camera with you to your hike, or trip to the city, or holidays, or wherever. It is things that you want to show to the world and your view of the world. But those are not the private photos for the memory but those you can show to everyone, like "hey, look where I've been!" and "Doesn't that scenery look great?"

Photos just for the fun of it: 

Shh*! she did? really?
Those photos might be planned or they might not, it's those things you make stories of, or memes, or simply photos that make you laugh whenever you see them. It's also a way to express yourself, but a fun one!

But is it really necessary to take all those photos?

There are days where I find myself taking alot of photos, about 50 -100 in a few hours, that really necessary? Maybe when you are on your own you can do this, yes.... But some moments just shouldn't be spoiled for photos. 
For example when you are out with friends or family. As good as a few shots for the memories are, too much just ruins the moments. It already happend to me that friends got annoyed because I wanted to just take a single photo (quick quick), but the opposite already happened, too. There were such nice and happy moments, and then someone pulls out the camera, asking for a picture, or making pictures to share to the public later. 
Both sides can be annoying, and I'm well aware that taking photos together can be really fun too, oh yes!

Shiddharta is crossing the ocean, ah, I mean.....river, he's crossing the river!

But sometimes, maybe we should just leave the camera at home, no matter how many good photos might be missed. In the end, everyone's experience is different, and everyone's sight is different. Some moments are just meant to be enjoyed only, and to keep them in your heart and soul, which might be better memory systems than computers or sd cards or usb sticks or paper all together! 

So please, at least from time to time, decide to leave your camera at home, and just go along with the flow, whatever might happen to you on that day. And in worst case, you still have the camera of your mobile phone (lol)! In fact, there are people who use only their mobile, and don't even have a camera, and hey, they are very well alive, too!

When I took photos, should I enhance them?

This is not enhanced!
Well, this is up to decide for everyone by themselves, of course. For me, I never do this, unless to put captions into the photos, or make stories from them. There might be others who enhance their photos to "better show what it really looked like, because the camera didn't catch it like this". said above, everyone's view, and view of the world, is different anyway...While enhancing a photo can make it look better, more vivid, more colorful, it also can look just..."wrong", not "real". It depends on the point of view, really...

So in the end, we all should just make photos when it's in the "right moment", not forcing to do some. In the end, what you see counts, not what the camera sees. And the so called "pic or it didn't happen!", well, better don't even try to listen to this. Unless you like the typical facebook posts about meals and toilets and laziness stuffed up with photos, too.

But when should I take a photo?

Well, just make it in the "right moment", when you find something that you really want to share, or when you have an idea on what to do with the image. Just don't force yourself to take a picture because someone might want to see this!
And why this post?

Because I have so many photos by now about different sunrises and sunsets, and fields, and flowers, and animals, and clouds.....and yes, they are all different, every single one of them! But...still, sometimes the simpleness is the essence, nothing is good when there's too much of it. 

So this is not against photos, nor against the taking of pictures, after all, it is something I really enjoy too, despite of the "cheap" camera. It's about not being obsessed by it. Not everything you see has to be put onto the camera. After all, not everything you say is being recored either, at least I hope so. 

There are also other arts to be enjoyed, like drawing, painting, knitting, crochetting, writing, theater play, etc.....and they all can be used to express yourself and to have something for a memory, so don't just limit yourself to only one thing! 

Oh kitty, be assured, I will, I will......

Just live your life in a creative way and see what happens!


  1. YEY for digital cameras! On film you had to make every photo count and there was not much room for experimenting!

    1. Ahahaha I didn't even think about these old films, never was allowed to use them and now it's too late!
      And Experiments are fun!