Monday, August 13, 2012

Still holding on...

Mietzsche is done with Nietzsche by now, luckily, and it's getting proof read now. Only one paper left till I can only do what I want, and that paper has the deadline in who knows when! But oh well, I'm already doing what I want, anyway!

Despite to Saturday having been a big exception in the "no sweets!" (was a cinema day, and popcorn was necessary, thanks Katha for the invite!), the withdrawal symptons are done by now, and now I'm...

more calm
less anxious
less hyperactive
but still active

and have...
(almost) no craving for sweets
but instead an overly amount of fruits I eat 

Isn't that sugar in them too? But different one, and who cares! Fruits are always nice!

So roughly 3 weeks left still....that will be no prob anymore either!

You like the forest? But you also like to eat? Eat the forest!

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