Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The photo that I didn't take - Part 1

At the crossing of two parallel streets (yeah, that's possible!).
From one street I walked up, and when I happened to look back to the other if there's any car coming,...there were....
3 cats, sitting behind each other, always with about 1m of distance between them. The outer ones were both pitch black, sitting with the heads facing left, and watching me with yellow eyes. In the middle, there was a tigered cat, a bit smaller than the other two, sitting in statue position and as well, watching me.
And next to those cats, before the house at the crossing, was an old man sitting on the bench, stuffin his pipe, looking at the cats, smiling, and then watching me too!

On a sidenote, the tigered cat of these 3 I saw again the other day, and this time, as soon as she noticed me, she was like "Meow meow!" running to me and demanding hugs. ... And the old man was sitting there again, and smiling at it..... *^^*

Well, since I didn't take this photograph, and some moments just should be enjoyed without something like a camera around....you all have to do with the describtion!

And when I write something I'm usually a bit "cryptic" in the descriptions, just like MZB! (Hope you all know who it is, if not, oh well,  that's her)

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