Monday, August 27, 2012

The pleasures of a good tea...

Oh my nice tea...

Usually just simple and green,
with the nicely warm steam,
it is  even approved of by my cat,
but not the one that's yellow or red.

Does it need to be served on a tablett?
Or maybe while reading hamlet?
Doesn't matter,
Even better!

Perhaps a long with it, a nice cake?
Or instead, with a piece of grape?
Better, a cookie in hearts shape,
Just don't let it drop, for your sake.

No matter how,
a tea just can be wow,
and however you prefer,
it is something you cannot abjure.


  1. Delicious! Your cat is like Alvaros! They both like green tea! I find it amazingly wonderful!

    1. Sometimes it's amazingly hard to get her away from MY cup of tea.... ;)