Friday, September 7, 2012

A big day has arrived...

Little Orinus is going to....

Those yen are on my table, and still, I just can't believe it!!!

Well, actually there is another place that I want to go to so desperately that I'm thinking of it every single day since years, and sometimes feel like I'm freaking out/ going crazy about it, but that's another story.....!

So...why Japan? I'm not so sure, actually....even as a small child I already wanted to visit this country, but I never thought it ever would be possible...

Well, how did I get to such a travel now....? Back in 2008 when I started to study pedagogy (educational sciences) I thought that "door" would close forever...but it seems it was the opposite case!

It certainly didn't stop my interest in this country, so in the end I decided to write my bachelor thesis of a topic that involves that interest: A try for comparison of german and japanese kindergartens. Well, it turned out to be more of a case study. But I gave my best :) 

Well, explaining short things short, during that research someone told me about a Festival that would be in the Frankfurt and I decided to treat myself nicely and go there....And since I'm a huuge fan if iGo, and there was a nice old man to show the people that game, ...I played a match against him! And seems I was impressive enough that he demanded my email adress (Got a win cause of resignation, ha ha).

It turned out that he is working at a kindergarten in Japan...and somehow there came the invite....(In fact that kindergarten is owned by his family, and it belongs to a Buddhist temple, and the temple belongs to the family too, more or less like that...)

So now...I am allowed to write my master thesis about a kindergarten that actually is in Japan! Well, the focus will be on cultural education, "foreignness", adaption to cultures, going into that direction, probably...I will have to see first :)  Additionally to the weekdays in the kindergarten, there will be sight seeing, language learning in both ways (learning japanese and teaching german/ english), and getting to know the way of life there!

But for now, waaaaaaaaaaaah I'm nervous!!! Such a long flight, and the whole culture and language and people there are different, the air and nature too! No doubt it will be a huge experience...
And such a big dream of mine coming true....what a gift!


That bag sure isn't heavy enough yet - let's fill it with lots of gifts and experiences!

PS: Here is the obligatory cat picture:


  1. Have a wonderful time! I was in OSAKA and Kyoto in January. Your gona laugh yourself to death with the cultural shock! YEY I'm sure your gona love it! Don't spend all your money! It's easy to loose oneself in such cuteness! I'm so happy for you!!!


    1. Last night I arrived back at germany.....and what can I say.....I wanna go back, ahahaha.
      I didn't spend all my money, only almost. the cuteness can be overwhelming!
      And thank you for your good words! :)

  2. Wow! I am happy to hear that life treated you this kind (at last :D ) and that you got this amazing chance! I hope you enjoyed your stay and got some good material for your master thesis! All the best, Sonja