Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm back! (Already)

These 2-3 weeks was a very short time, but .....awesome! So many new things to learn and to see and experience....and the amount of cute stuff there, ooohhhhh.....soooo different to the serious germany!

So now, it is time to unpack, arrange the things that were left undone while I was not at home, give my cats lots hugs and concentration, get in touch with all the friends, get some food since there's close to none at home, etc. ...  and time to reflect and order my mind from all the experiences, can take some time, but I guess I will tell some of them, one by one, bit by bit.

So, reflecting *tries hard*
 I received much more presents than stuff I actually bought, but because of that.....well, I hope the shipping mail is fast, I need my clothes again, very soon! I had to send some of my clothes per mail, because else, the bag would have been too heavy and the fees for that are more expensive than sending a package....but in the end, the bag was 23,1kg, ufff, just barely made it!

Well, somewhere in between (the next days will be busy too, and then off to a 1 months trainingship), I will try to get some rest and get away the dark shadows under the eyes!

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