Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm drowning in Bentos...

Like some of you might know already, I am a fan of making Bentos! So of course, I couldn't help but to pick up a few new things and ideas for making my bentos here at home. 

But I never explained what Bentos actually are! Well, simply put, お弁当(Obentou) are lunches to take with you to school, work, daytravels and the like. The more beautiful a Bento is done, the better it is supposed to express the love for the children, the husband, your boyfriend, or or... 

So, take a look at all the Bentos the children's mums made for them to eat at the kindergarten!

wooooh, so many!
From a different angle

Isn't that impressive? So different from the sandwiches that are common here for "take with you lunch". But...I prefer the Bentos, because for me, they show the love for the food, and that you respect what you eat!

This is a Bento box, too!
And look how the food is smiling!

The Boxes for Bentos come in all sizes and shapes and variations, the children's ones are smaller than the adult ones, for example. When properly prepared, they are very healthy meals. 

As an example,  for an adult a Bento box can contain about 600 - 1000ml. This is divided into 6 parts, and those would be: 
3 parts of carbohydrates (like rice, noodles or potatoes), 
1 part of proteins (Tofu, Egg, Meat,...) , 
2 parts of vegetables or fruits. 
Sounds well balanced, doesn't it? Of course that's only a rough guideline, it should be filled depending on your own diet and needs! (Normally, there are no sweets in it, but for the children, I saw many exceptions of this)

It's the contents that make a Bento a good Bento, but....of course it can't hurt if the boxes and accessory looks cute, too!

This is what I usually take for Bentos
 So, I couldn't help but to get a new bento box, the one with the flowers. 
And I got presents for my Bentos too, like the Hashi (chopsticks) with Hello - One piece - Kitty! and a Furoshiki with Daruma on it! 
It's Daruma because....I read a few books about him, to the children! But I guess I will have to explain another time to what Daruma is...

The more creativity, the more ways to use...
To prepare the food nicely into the boxes, there are tiny boxes for sauces, sticks to put things together, eggmolds, ricemolds, sandwichcutters (or to make cookies with them), food dividers....

I think by now I have the basic set to make cute Bentos for children *laughs*

So, ah....soon it will be "Happy Bento time" again!

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