Sunday, October 28, 2012


This was another temple during the brief visit in Kyoto. I think it's the most famous because of it's sliding doors, that have been drawn my Hasegawa Tohaku, who was one of Japan's most famous painters (roughly 400 years ago).

The temple was built by Kitano Mandokoro's wife Nene, she stayed there for the rest of her life after her husband died. The temple still belongs to the Kodaiji temple, but that one I'm going to mention at another time...

The northern garden has been made in the Momoyama period. Well, as far as I've been told, the garden actually wasn't there at first, it has been moved from Fushimi castle to where it is now! Especially that bridge made from stone.

 But when you go inside the temple, the first garden you will see is actually this one there, but it's just as beautiful, and I could have stayed there for long already.

Well, in the rooms of the temple photos were forbidden, photos of those :)

There is also a room for tea ceremony, and if you pay for it, of course, you can enjoy a tea ceremony there. Because my host parents were always so nice, we did...:) And if course I enjoyed, since Matcha tea is always soooo delicious, hm....I have no idea what that sweat was, though...

 While waiting for the tea ceremony to start, this is also where this nice image happend, ahaha. Well, it's just the simple me, trying to enjoy the nature and garden there.

And this is roughly what the room looked like from the inside, it's a typical japanese styled room, even modern houses or apartments usually have such kind of room as far as I know, even if it's a really tiny one.

It's interesting, that they also have a english leaflet for tourists, but unlike the japanese version, it features "do and don'ts"! Or better let's say things you shouldn't do...
Well, the thing is....most of the japanese people there did those things wrong, too! But for them, there was no part for etiquette on the information leaflets....

There are a few more photos over there.

Anyway, it is a small but nice temple, and if you have the chance to go there, you certainly should!

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