Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It was a long travel, old friend met a new home!

 It has been a very long and rough journy for the little puppy. But one day, while he didn't expect anymore at all to be freed out of this strange present, suddenly, he could hear a lot of strange and unfamiliar voices. The whole package shook again and again. Just what was going on?
He enjoys his freedom in a brand new world.
 At first, he couldn't believe that he was finally free again! The light blindet his eyes, and only little after little he could get a grasp of his surroundings. And how different they were! Even the people....just what were they saying!?
"So, Miri-ken is your new name now...he gave it to you!" The only familiar face around told the little puppy, while pointing to the smallest of the group, a little boy. "Miri-ken? So I'm a girl now?" But no one heard his poor little voice.

Miri-ken couldn't help but to always look at his new friend!
One day he would learn the language for sure, he thought, he just had too. And after all, he was still young! Quickly Miri-ken fell in love with this little boy, and decided to watch over him on and on, hoping that he would never be forgotten, no matter how old that boy might grow...

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