Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Marine World / Umi no nakamichi

Well, the day in the "Marine World" (and beyond) was so much fun and good memories, but for this blog, I wasn't really sure on what actually to write about!

I made many photos in that "museum", but most all blurry, or bad with the reflections, etc...And...I don't really like seing animals behind glass....I want to watch them freely living and being happy in nature and the places they truely should live!

But on the same time, living so far away from the ocean, it was truely amazing to see all these different kinds of fish, dolphins, seals, .... oh how I'd like to go deep down into the sea and watch them there! And I'm someone who can't even swim so good, oh well....

Well, still, I managed to make a few photos on that day that are possible to share.... :)

Like this seal here, who just proves how remarkably similar we humans are to animals...we just have to see the similarities instead of the differences...

Hi there! Why you not as smart as we 2 are?
Going along with the doplhins, aren't they just simply beautiful and amazing and graceful, and funny, and cute, and smart, and strong, and and....

And sience manages to learn more and more about and from them....:)

Whale makes "human-like" sounds

Dolphin speaker to enhance Study of Dolphin Vocalizations and Acoustics

Do doplhins think nonlinearly?

Oh yes, fly back into the ocean!

And I'm sure there's much more about them to be found on the internet, like that video where a dolphin has made a painting...

But no matter if from doplhins or other animals, I think we can learn so much from them! 

You're coming back already? At least you brought some friends!

On this image here are the 4 bottlenose dolphins combined, at least I think there were not more than this living there...but I can be wrong. 

But I sure hope that they get the best care possible, and a lot of affection from the staff...

Aside from the big animals of the sea, there were a lot of aquariums for all kinds of fish and plant life, and many of them I could have watched for hours as well! Well, I think most just cared for the dolphins and turtles and sharks, because no one watched the fish for long...But they have to live inside these tanks instead of the huge oceans, so they should get some respect and attention, too. 
And they all are impressive in their own specific ways!

Well, they had a few turtles there, although I have to say the tank they were in didn't feature much else, maybe 1 or 2 big rocks, and that was it....I hope they enjoy looking on all these tourists and visitors, or else I can imagine it to be a sad life for them....
In the tanks of the jellyfish there wasn't anything at all, besides....jellyfish, and in what a quantity, wooh! They really astonished me. I know only from others telling that it burns when they touch your skin, but I guess that makes them a dangerous beauty....like many others, too!

This here was a tunnel without any living animals, but it still was pretty cool. Everything white glowed blue in that tunnel, I think there was some kind of blacklight installed. Funnilly, I didn't notice it at all, only when almost been out of it again, ha!
And here is a little example of the little....seaworms? From far, they look almost like grass, and when you look close, they got eyes! Oh, they are so cute....And I'm, sure they try hard to keep the soil down there nice and fresh and clean! Well, I also wonder how the other side of them might look like, the one that is beneath the sand...

But that is another thing to dream and imagine... ;)

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