Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Plurality - short movie by Dennis Liu

What happens that with every thing you touch, you give a bit of your DNA to identify yourself? Not only to only your car, or to purchase a trainticket, but also for those with acess, knowing every step you take....

This is a short movie directed by: Dennis Liu, written by: Ryan Condal and produced by: Jonathan Hsu and Dennis Liu.
And it is definitely worth to watch!

A short quote from this shortmovie: "[...] I think anyone, [...], would happily sacrifice a little bit of their privacy for that kind of personal safety."

But what can tell the story better than the shortmovie itself? So please take a look and watch this awesome work :)


  1. I don't really mind to left behind and everywhere a little piece of me, the so called DNA, because I have nothing to hide, and if anyone wanna follow, sure, if they haven't nothing more important to do or think about. :) It's just a "mark" that I exist.

    1. Hm....I guess with all these traces we leave behind everday, ...still, no one knows what you actually do or say or think or feel!
      Anyone who'd try to follow a day of me must be bored to death, haha!