Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Samhain - aka Halloween

On a strange night...
Like with many other "festivals", what we know now as halloween has to come from somewhere, and usually it's said that it derives from the celtic samhain, that later would become the christian all hallows eve.

Same like Beltane (1.5.), or Imbolc (1.2.) or Lughnasad (1.8.), it is one of the 4 big celtic festivals throughout the year. So usually, on that day, the veils between planes are supposed to be more thin, and you are supposed to be able to get easily into contact with other kind of beings! 

Strange things can happen...
Because of this, and to not be indulged or lured by them, people celebrated, or put on costumes for disguise...and voilá, take several 100 years, and the tradition has changed in a way that is now known as halloween.

And like those other 3 festivals, it actually is supposed to happen on a new moon (in contrast to the beltane, which is on a full moon), so it would be in about 2 weeks.....
Well, I don't know anymore where I got this from,'s said that on Samhain, the weather is always great, with warm temperatures and sunshine, and when I look outside today, oh yes, it is like knows! :P

Whaat? You don't wanna reflect?
It used to mark the end of the year, and the start of the winter, with the old things dying, so that in the following year, new things can be, it fits to the image of autumn time, and since celtic people were close to the cycle of nature, I guess this is not a big surprise.

Well, it also is a symbol to get more aware of the spiritual side of life, and to calm down and reflect after the lively summer time....;)

So, ah....Happy halloween!


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