Wednesday, October 10, 2012


While the place I stayed at in Japan was in the Fukuoka prefecture, Yufuin was in the nearby Oita prefecture. was time to use the Japanese Highways! Well, it sounds rather normal, doesn't it? But since Germany has so many highways, I'm used to them being free of charge, so I was quite surprised that here they weren't! There's even a special system that can make the payments faster if you have it installed in your car....I'm not sure anymore, but I think to use the highway system costs about 1500 yen, until you exit it. If you reenter, you have to pay again...

 Anyway, the landscapes visable from the highway were really awesome, one of them you can see in the photo on top. And it was really noticable, that everything started to look more rural, at least what I concidered as being a rural place....(the place I stayed at was supposed to be a rural area, but for me it looked like a big city :P)
So when we arrived at Yufuin, it looked like a normal sized town to me, with one exception, the main streets were completely filled with tourists, and there was shop after shop after shop...well, the place is famous for it's hot springs, so on weekends, everyone goes there!
Well, first we actually got lost a bit (I think), so...we had to get out of the car and ask for the way....and funnily, we parked right in front of this carriage. The horse mainly was looking quite sleepy, but when I asked for a photo, he opened his eyes, raised his ears, and *click* :)

 There was a little temple nearby too, although I can't remember the name. Well, it's written in Kanji on the photo to the right, but...I just can't read it! Only the first,山、which means mountain...

Near the main roads of the town, there was a lake, and geese and dragonflies gathered there, a lot, as well as fish!

There was also a museum there, showing the how people there worked in the past....sadly most places were unoccupyied because it was lunch time, but still....interesting, because, after all, I now have a small trainingship at a similar place! (And I already knew at that time, too). But all these names....sorry sorry sorry! There were so many new words every single day, my mind couldn't take them all in...

And the last bit that I will tell about this nice town, is that....there was a shop entiteld completely about cats! Actually, right next to it there was one about dogs only, but.....cats!!! On the top floor, they had lots of figurines and cat toys and cat foods, as well as a few real cats, sadly sleeping in a tiny cage...And the lower floor, also lots of figurines, plush toys, clothes, bathroom and kitchen stuff, everything.....with cats on them! Even the music they played were "Miaows" only....One toy I remember well, looking like a baby kitten.When you started to pet it, it started to giggle and roll around......*^^*

Well, the journey for that day continued, and at that time I actually had no idea at all to where we went. But since a short rest was needed in between the drive, I took the chance to make another snapshot of the beautiful landscapes.... real (big) Mountains, oh how I missed you....

In the end, the went to a rope bridge! It was so much fun! I would have loved to run over there, and jump around, but everyone else there was afraid, and running was not allowed, BUHH! The landscape you could see from there, and below you, was simply amazing, but...I was on more "dangerous" bridges already as a child .... :)

Anyway, the bridge was 777m abov sea level. The height of the bridge is  173m, with a length of 390m. I think somewhere on the photo you can see a few people walking on the bridge, for comparison. Godzilla is only 100m tall, and yes, a information board on the bridge used him as a comparison! Well, it's size is supposed to be #1 in Japan.

The bridges name is "九重"夢"大吊橋", kokone yume otsurihashi, it means something like..."The big bridge is a "dream" of the Kokone-people.". Kokone is the town that built it, to be able to connect, interact, exchange culture and goods... :)

I only can asume that there's much more to see in Oita prefecture, but that...was enough for a day of travel!

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