Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just what is.... Art nouveau?

Art nouveau is a style of art, architecture and interior design that was popular in europe around 1890 - 1920. It is influenced by japanese woodprints. The main characteristics were the use of floral patterns, moved lines, and detailed ornaments, as well as typography. Most countries had their own unique kind of style for this style of art, although nowadays it is usually summed up into one. It was tought not only as a style of art, but also as a way of life!

Famous artists include, among many many others, Gustav Klimt and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

The tree of life, 1905-1909
Ambassadeurs, aristide bruant (poster), 1892

The two images are taken from the Wikicommons. You can find a more detailed version about the history of the Art nouveau on the website of the metropolitan museum of art.

It's supposed to be a Lotusflower...

Like mentioned above, this style of art was not only about paintings, but also on interior designs and to make daily tools more aesthetic. So here's a little example of a bookmark that I had to do at school, in the art nouveau style.

And here is a recent painting of mine in that kind of style! Well, parts of it are already too detailed again, but it didn't look very good while it still was more "plain". But here you also have the ornaments, typography, and "flowing" lines, and all with a meaning to them...

Not really art nouveau, but I didn't live at that time, after all, things move on and change!

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