Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kodaiji temple, Kyoto

Kodaiji, 高台寺,is a large temple in Kyoto, and has been construced by Nene, also known as Kita-no-Mandokoro. She built it 1606 in memory of her husband, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
The interior was forbidden to be photographed once again, but at least I can show the beautiful surroundings!

 So....this is what they look at, the beautiful surroundings! Or at least should look at, they all sat there, but many looked at their phones or anywhere else.

But this is what can be seen from where, what a beautiful scenery! I can imagine that in spring and fall time it is even more colorful.

This is another of the typicall pathways, and somehow I really grew to like must be cold like this in winter, but still, you have fresh air and a roof above you...

The Kodaiji has several gardens, one of them is an arranged Zengarden, like you can see here.

I wonder who is putting all those leaves away in fall, and what if the wind is so strong that it "destroys" all those carefully drawn lines? It must be taking long to make such a garden...

Walking on one of the paths, you discover a little bamboo forest And actually it's the very first one that I ever saw in my life! I always wanted to know how the bamboo trees are rooted into the ground, because I somehow couldn't imagine...but know I can...!

This is a tea houe on the temple ground, but I don't know by whom it had been built. But looking at this house....I cam imagine that it was like the house of a typical little family....but that is probably just me, dreaming...
This little Ox is Temmangu Ox, 天満宮. He is supposed to be a messenger of a/ the Tenjin-sama, a shinto deity. If you touch the ox, it will bear your suffering for you. If you have an ailment on your body, and touch that part of the ox's body, it will take it away. Well, I did touch the ox on the forehead, but since I didn't had any ailments, did it work? Probably not.
These are Mani wheels, まに車. This "square" of Mani wheels all have the "Heart sutra" written on them, but since I can't read it anyway... Well, by turning it once, you are supposed to earn merrit. If you have a wish, you should walk around the square clockwise, turning the wheels with your right hand as you pass them by.

I didn't really had any wish in mind, but I simply was curious to try it out, to see for myself if it gives any change or not. Well, maybe there were so many things every day that I simply didn't notice, or it's just a few curious wheels, after all. But I still know that I would have liked to be able to read the sanskrit!

Well, there still are a few more photos over there on G+.

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