Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dumplings with cocos-plum filling

Having a free sunday to enjoy, it's finally cooking time again! I wanted to go along with somethign fruity, and since I had in mind to make something like dumplings too, I checked the contents I had at home and...decided for dumplings filled with plums and coconut!

What you need for about 8 dumplings:
400g flour
A bit salt
About 20g of instant yeast
A bit of sugar (0-100g, amount is to your liking)
200 ml water or milk
1 table spoon of oil

What you need for the fillings:
4-5 plums, cut into small pieces
About 100ml coconut milk

Mix the instant yeast together with the water/ milk (and sugar), and add it to the flour. Kneed it for 10 minutes, put the oil in it, and kneed it for another 10 minutes. Then let the dough rest for an hour.

During that waiting time, you can prepare the filling. Put the plum-pieces in a pot, together with the coconut milk and heat it up. Let it cook until it's nice and creamy. But better stirr and stirr and stirr while cooking, or else it could burn quite fast!

Happy and set? Then off to the next steps!

Roll the dough into a "sausage", and cut in into 8 pieces. Form these into balls, and flatten them, using your hands. Put the filling in them and close them. Better take less filling than too much.

Then, if you have a steamer, let them steam for roughly 20 minutes. Since I don't have one, I had to take the old fashioned way using a pot and a sief. If you put a bit of vinegar into the water, the dumplings will keep their white color. After 10 minutes, whipe of the steam of the pots cover, and put the cover back on for another 10 minutes. I've put a piece of baking paper under each dumpling, to prevent it from sticking onto the sief.

(I know, they could look better still)

When they are finally ready... enjoy them!

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