Friday, February 1, 2013

Bookmark spree!

Recently I had to get a lot of books from the (university) libary, so of course I also have a lot and lot of books that I have to read now for all the papers I still have to write!

Then, it happened....what to use as a bookmark? It seems I didn't had enough! And by now, I'm rather tired of using "whatever there is" as a bookmark, nor did I want to go to the hassle of getting somehwere to buy some...

So I made a few ones by myself from scratch, to enhance the cuteness factor a bit. It is rather simply to make them actually, you only need papers, carton, cissors, pens and glue. I chose the "normal" shape for bookmarks, but they can be any shape you want or wish for,'s rather easy to let the creativity flow! Animals, Flowers, Objects, Photos or can use anything you want! Go ahead and try to make one!

Well, here are my results, for now:

Little snail says: "Go ahead and keep trying, you can do it!"
Little bear says: "Here, let me hold your book of patience for you!"

Little owl says: "Keep going, you will see the effort of it one day!"

Maybe I still will make a few more, but for now...I have enough cute bookmarks..... :D

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