Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kanji practice notebooks

Today I will tell you about Kanji practice notebooks, since they help me a lot with my studies.
In the end, they might be just notebooks, but even for normal squared or lined ones there can be many differences! After all, a first grader needs more space for writing than someone older and more practiced, at least usually.

So how should you chose your notebook for practicing Kanji? Well, it depends on how large your writing is on average, and on how much practice you already had. The number written on the front pk age indicates the amount of squares on one single page. So if it says 84, it means there are 84  squares on one page, letting you write 84 letters. Naturally, a bigger number means more squares and smaller sizes.

There are some that have an additional grid in the squares, which help to orientate while writing the Kanji. Next to the field for the Kanji there's usually a slim place free to write the reading or translation. Many even come with spaces for name and date for each page, because they are usually used for school, even to write small essays! Sometimes there are little stories printed on the backsides if the cover, giving you a little reading practice. Quite nice, isn't it?

I know that in the end, you could use normal squared paper as well, but at least for myself I've found out that these Kanji practice notebooks help me a lot more to write them properly.

When you live in Japan, you probably can get them easily almost everywhere, but I for example have to order them or ask friends to send me some...

There's also the possibility to download a practice sheet, it only needs to be printed out. I'm sure there are other ones available on the internet too.

Well, I like them, and they are a good opportunity if you not only want to learn how to read, but how to write as well.

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