Saturday, August 10, 2013

Children and Fruits

Recently I somehow remembered something that happened at work last months, because now in summer, I can't live a singly day without being able to eat a few fruits!

So what did I remember? Well, we wanted to make an outdoor picknick with the students, to celebrate the end of the school year. We've been thinking on what kind of food we should bring for them, if bringing any at all. In the end, we decided for fruits! Actually, the problem was more of what kind of fruits to bring. But since it's summer here, the choice quickly fell onto waterlemons and cherries. I also suggested apples, but the reaction to that immediately was "What? Apples? You can't give them apples, it's too boring, who would want to eat them?" In the end, OK, no apples then, I don't care, whatever....

But somehow that reaction surprised me, because from my experience, close to all children love fruits, any kinds, no matter if apples or other ones. You just have to animate them to eat them, which means presenting them nicely. Instead of just giving them a plain apple or pier, cut it to pieces and present it nicely on a plate, and whoops, suddenly it's all gone! It's the same with vegetables, too.

After all, who would say no to a nice applebunny?

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